GS1 NET: Cottonsoft

Cottonsoft embarked on this project back in May 2007 initially preparing our Data Template.  This was a fantastic tool for identifying the 'holes' in our system and we made several changes to help us maintain the integrity of data, both internally and for GS1net purposes.

GS1 NET: Cottonsoft

Once the GS1net Data Review and On Boarding process was complete, we were pronounced GS1Ready and waited patiently for a call from one of our major customers.

From the time of first contact from Foodstuffs South Island, the Data Cleansing and Synchronisation process only took five months.  We found the GS1net Implementation Team at Foodstuffs extremely helpful and provided clear guidelines for what was required.

During each phase of the Data Cleansing, we received extracted data from the Foodstuffs Back Office system which we were able to compare with our own.  Once both parties had agreed the data, it was on to the next phase!           

Since GoLive status was achieved in October 2009 we have had no changes to our data which required uploading, but the subsequent Ready to Live process with Foodstuffs Wellington was painless and complete within a week!

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