GS1 NET: Romano’s Foods Ltd./Maxwells Pastry Ltd

Romano's Foods Ltd./Maxwells Pastry Ltd. is a pizza manufacturing company that supplies all the major supermarkets in the North and South Island. In March 2009, we started the process of becoming a GS1net Live Ready and achieved the GS1net Live status in August 2009.

GS1 NET: Romano’s Foods Ltd./Maxwells Pastry Ltd

Becoming GS1net compliant was a comprehensive process. It was technical to start with. Constant communication and feedback was the key to achieving this. There was a lot of exchanging of product data/information as part of the validation process. This is to ensure that the catalogue is maintained and managed with the publication of accurate product data.

I have been dealing with the FSSI team to complete and implement GS1net Live status with Foodstuffs South Island. Their professionalism and knowledge in GS1net standards and solutions was very helpful. They were generous in giving out information and assistance that ensured we have completed and met Foodstuffs requirements.

The assistance that we have received from the GS1 New Zealand Support team to ensure that we are compliant with the GS1net global standards and Foodstuffs specifications were outstanding too.

Our efforts of becoming GS1net Live were rewarded by having a master data file with all of our products information and specification - these are now easily retrievable and readily available. Product information sharing between Foodstuffs South Island and our knowledge on their standards for the identification of goods has definitely improved.

Because of the experience we had with Foodstuffs South Island, going through the same process with Foodstuffs Wellington was a smooth one and I am confident that the same will be true when we do it with Foodstuffs Auckland.



Dani Tolosa

GS1net Administrator

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