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It's getting easier to work with Foodstuffs

We aim to make working with Foodstuffs as simple as possible, so we are redeveloping and evolving the national Foodstuffs eXchange. We call it Project Tardis because it's bigger on the inside - and in this case bigger is better!

The new Foodstuffs eXchange will become the key platform you will use to communicate and transact with us. In the future, with one login you'll be able to do everything you need to manage your business with both Foodstuffs North Island and Foodstuffs South Island.

Right now, you have to visit three online spaces to do business with us - the Foodstuffs eXchange, Data eXpress, and SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) at our Suppliers website. It's not long now - stay patient with the current system and from mid-year we'll be bringing all this together and hanging out in one comprehensive and very smart space. Accounts payable information, queries and settlement detail will continue to be handled outside of the eXchange for a little while longer, but will be incorporated down the track. \

Here's what you need to know (or do) right now…

Migration is underway

The new Foodstuffs eXchange is now operational and we are scheduling supplier migrations to occur from now until the end of July.

Our migration teams have contacted all suppliers to schedule their migration dates for the new eXchange. If you aren't sure when your migration is scheduled, please email the team to check.

For an introduction to the new eXchange and the new screens, check out our What's New video online.  

Migration Plan

We have about 4,000 supplier companies to migrate to the new Foodstuffs eXchange, and we want this to be as easy as possible. The high-level plan is below, and we will let you know more as we refine this plan.  

Exchange - Migration Plan


Information flow

If you have registered via the link below, you will receive timely messages from us with full details on your transition. Our relationship with you is of the highest importance and we'll keep you fully informed and ensure the transition process is seamless.

We have set up an email just for this project, so you can also contact us via if you have specific questions about your migration.

Appoint a Transition Contact

There will be some administrative actions on your part to manage the transition. So get ahead of the game and nominate someone within your business to manage this.


Get your Transition Contact to click below and register their details. This means we will have the most recent information about your company and all future updates will come to your nominated contact and nothing will fall through the cracks! 


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