B2B eCommerce

Over four million purchase orders (PO) are sent from Foodstuffs to 1500 suppliers, almost exclusively by fax prior to the development of the eXchange. These purchase orders were re-keyed into suppliers own systems where they existed, resulting in similar numbers of advanced shipping notices(ASN) and invoices(INV) being produced by suppliers for return to Foodstuffs by fax or mail. Where a supplier did not have their own IT systems, these documents were often hand written.

A website solution was created for those suppliers that require minimum effort electronically to trade with Foodstuffs. The Foodstuffs eXchange was born. It allows suppliers to:


  • View or download purchase orders
  • Create or upload advanced shipping notices.
  • Enter invoices manually or upload them as files.
  • Maintain all product and store codes.


The diagram indicates the flow of documents through the eXchange and how the process as a whole will work for you as the supplier.

B2B exchange

In parallel to the website, the B2B eCommerce layer offers the following features:


  • It accepts messages from the web site, ftp or email.
  • Translates the message between Foodstuffs and a supplier covering more than 50 formats. These include supplier custom formats, csv files, EDIFACT standard formats and Foodstuffs XML formats.
  • Product and store codes are translated, with B2B communications updating the website allowing it to be used as a fallback by suppliers.
  • Messages are sent to the recipients using the preferred transport, agreed at the time of integration.


The eXchange is a collaborative E-commerce initiative among three Foodstuffs companies that minimizes transactions costs for the company and its suppliers. It provides smaller suppliers a low cost/no cost e-commerce solution, while larger suppliers can use the B2B connectivity to automate their business processes and achieve significant savings.

www.foodstuffs-exchange.co.nz for more information.

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