Exclusive Packs

This confirms Foodstuffs position regarding the offer and availability of national proprietary branded products. In principle we do not support these products offered in exclusive pack formats and only available to specific retailers.

In our view, developing exclusive packs for specific retailers creates confusion for the consumer. It makes it difficult for them to make direct value comparisons within the market place. It is Foodstuffs view that consumers should have the opportunity of comparing like with like, so that they can independently determine best value.

Foodstuffs also accept the fact that shoppers place significant value on product assortment and ranging. It is therefore essential that availability is maximised and shoppers are able to readily purchase national proprietary branded products. Given that in most cases these 'exclusive packs' are leveraged off market leading brands, our belief is this form of deliberate restrictive stocking will add unnecessary frustration to the consumers shopping experience.

Foodstuffs also strongly believes that any new line should be available to all retailers at the same time. Ranging a new line for an introductory period in only a specific retailer with the expectation that it will then later be made available to other retailers is not acceptable.