GS1net Data

Foodstuffs and the New Zealand Food & Grocery Council Inc (FGC) fully support this industry initiative.

GS1net is a data synchronisation network managed by GS1. GS1 is a non-profit organisation that provides a common language for international trade and commerce, primarily a series of standards designed to improve supply chain management.

GS1net is a data pool of product information including barcode numbers, item descriptions, dimensions, and pricing information. GS1net supersedes EANnet, the former data synchronisation network. The transition from EANnet to GS1net represents the alignment of the Australasian data pool with the rest of the GDSN (Global Data Synchronisation Network).

Foodstuffs is committed to GS1net. When a supplier becomes GS1net READY Foodstuffs will commence the initial data synchronisation process in order to progress the supplier to a GS1net LIVE status. Once live, a supplier is expected to perform all future data updates to item and price information (excluding promotions) through GS1net. GS1net must be viewed as a key Foodstuffs requirement for data maintenance.

The diagram indicates the flow of data from your systems to ours through GS1net

GS1 diagram

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