Prerequisites for Supply

All suppliers must obtain regulatory approval by meeting the compliance requirements of Foodstuffs Approved Supplier Programme; this is achieved by meeting the following:

- Suppliers must complete the Foodstuffs Compliance Package. This document can also be made availablethrough the initiating Foodstuffs Category/Merchandise Manager or by the Regulatory Team.

- Food suppliers must be holding an appropriate food certification acceptable to Foodstuffs. Please refer to page 4 of the Compliance Pack for details of Foodstuffs certification requirements. Where applicable all food suppliers must be registered with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Further information on MPI registration and certifications can be found at their website (

- Suppliers must register with GS1 ProductRecallnz. Foodstuffs uses this system to manage productrecalls/withdrawals in our Member Stores and Warehouses. Exemption to registration may be provided in somecases to low-risk non-food suppliers; please contact the relevant Regulatory team to discuss.

Contact your local Foodstuffs Regulatory/Food Safety team member for any further compliance related query pertaining to the Supplier Approval process.

Products must use appropriate EAN barcode symbology on all retail and distribution units as a pre-requisite for supply, and must meet the industry requirement for barcode verification. Further details can be provided upon enquiry.

The Foodstuffs companies are developing their e-commerce capability and are able to conduct much of their day to day business with suppliers electronically. There is a range of options that are available for suppliers ranging from web-based forms to a fully electronic interface (B2B) using the latest techniques available. The options will be outlined to new suppliers, but as a minimum requirement all new suppliers must have a PC and web-browser.

Each Foodstuffs Company has Trading Terms that set out the terms and conditions of supply. Trading Terms cover arrangements for such things as the transfer of the ownership of goods, trade spend, settlement discount, payment terms, notice periods for price adjustments, dispute resolution processes and so forth. Standard terms apply to all suppliers and these may only be varied with Foodstuffs' express agreement. We recommend that you become familiar with the companies' respective Trading Terms before submitting an application for a product listing.

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