Supplier Relationship Guidelines

As leading, successful, well-established New Zealand businesses, the Foodstuffs Co-operatives; Foodstuffs North Island Limited and Foodstuffs South Island Limited, must ensure we hold the trust and respect of all of our employees, suppliers, customers and the wider community.

Supplier Relationship Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to affirm to all Foodstuffs' stakeholders the importance of good working relationships and that we aim to operate within reasonable, ethical and sound commercial guidelines.

In order to achieve mutually beneficial conduct and performance, we see these Partnership Guidelines applying to all of our subsidiary companies, employees and members, as well as our external business partners.

The Foodstuffs businesses value strong and positive supplier relationships and consider all suppliers to be our most important business partners.

We believe that it is important to acknowledge this value, to respect this partnership and, as a result, commit to conducting ourselves in a courteous and fair manner.

Download the full Supplier Relationship Guidelines document.

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