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Great relationships are built on good communication. To achieve good communication we believe the first start is for all parties to be able to easily access reliable contact information.

The reality is we all develop and try to manage our own databases.It's an ongoing challenge to eliminate duplication and integrity issues with managing those ever changing external details.

We have developed a web enabled real-time solution to host key contact information for all Foodstuffs organisations and our supply partners.

  • Firstly, it's a database with all Foodstuffs key contacts that will be commonly shared by Foodstuffs and our supply partners.


  • Secondly, it's a database with our approved supply partner's key contacts that will be shared by Foodstuffs only.

Simply complete the application form at the SRM home page. We will then establish an account for your company and send a welcome email confirming your access details. Simple as that.


We believe communication is the life blood of a healthy business relationship, SRM will help all of us find who we need to talk to.Read More »

Steve Anderson
Chief Executive Officer, Foodstuffs South Island Limited

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SRM is the most comprehensive database of personnel from across all businesses and levels. It is simple to use in terms of loading your own data and in searching your key contacts within Foodstuffs. I don't rely on screeds of paper from multiple regions, assuming they are correct anymore… It’s BRILLIANT! One of the key aspects for me is the ease & speed of the system and the best example I can give is this… In the time it takes to brew the perfect cup of tea (3 minutes) I bulk loaded 15 key personnel.

Glenn Pierson, Southern Business Manager, Bell Tea & Coffee Company Ltd