Foodstuffs One Data Project Update

Foodstuffs successfully implemented the One Data project on 1 August this year. The project created a new national Product Information Management (PIM) team, who are responsible to check and enrich product data from our suppliers in a new National Product Catalogue.

This process ensures that the product data available to Foodstuffs North Island and Foodstuffs South Island is high quality, and ready for our business to use in purchasing and selling products to our customers.

The systems we have implemented are working well, and we are focused on getting product data available for use as quickly as possible. The go-live period did create a backlog due to our moratorium, but we are working our way through this. Suppliers can help us prioritise the workload by giving a Start Availability Date when submitting product data via Data eXpress (DEX) or Product Flow. 

If you need to follow up a product submission, your first point of contact should be the category manager to check if they can see your product yet. If it is still being processed, you can contact the National PIM team to check they have it correctly prioritised. Email your query to or phone 0800 555 985 to reach our support team.

Online Help for DEX
You can access context sensitive help for DEX by clicking the Help Button. In this area you will find information about the correct process to modify a product or add new data to an existing product. Take a few moments to read this information before you begin.

Support for Product Flow
To access support for Product Flow, contact GS1 directly at 0800 10 23 56 during normal business hours, or via email

One Data FAQs

Thank you once again for your support as we transition to a new, more effective way of managing the thousands of product changes we process every year.

David Stewart 
GM Merchandise, Foodstuffs North Island 

Phil Lemon
GM Merchandise, Foodstuffs South Island

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